4 Week Healthy Habits Accountability Course

4 Week Healthy Habits Accountability Course

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Do you want to change your life in 2021? ⁠

Instead of a weight loss challenge, a detox, or a highly restrictive fad diet, I welcome you to join me for this course to help kick 2021 off right. ⁠

I invite you to think bigger than “lose 10lbs” with your goals for the new year. I invite you to be your best self and think big about what you and your body are capable of.⁠

My 4 week accountability course is NOT a challenge, it is a way to educate yourself on what's working in your life and what's not so you can make long lasting sustainable changes. ⁠

During this course you will...⁠

💜 Take a deep dive into your daily habits and routines using a simple assessment (we do this at the beginning to get a baseline and then again at the end to monitor growth) ⁠
💜 Get 4 weeks of in depth education to help you TRULY make the changes you want and need in your life ⁠

💜 Video lessons each week ⁠

💜 Individualized weekly meetings with me to discuss your specific goals ⁠

💜 Weekly group accountability calls ⁠

💜 Full access to me as your accountability coach ⁠