Making Good Macro Choices

Tracking macros is a wonderful thing. For many people it opens up the opportunity to really eat the foods you want, as long as they are properly calculated and planned in. Tracking macros is a great way to reach the nutrition and body composition goals you have for yourself all while eating the foods you want. 

That being said, adding these things in too often can be detrimental to your health and progress even if they "fit". We have all been there, we switch out a healthy dinner for a donut or some cookies we ate at work and are left with too much protein for one meal at dinner. 

We are all consistently faced with tough food decisions, especially with the holidays coming up soon. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices, and also let yourself indulge once in a while. 

First thing to remember is, if you aren't flexible with your approach and you expect perfection you are going to be very unhappy and probably fail, so use these tips to help keep you successful. 

1) Eat consciously. 

Whether it's at work, the coffee shop or the bakery section at the grocery store, there are unhealthy goodies staring at you often. You think you need them. You know you want them. 

Before indulging take a minute and really think. Were you thinking about the muffin before you saw it perfectly placed at the checkout counter at Starbucks? What would happen if you didn't eat the muffin? How would you feel if you did? 

Walk away, prove that you are strong. Take 10-20 minutes with the food out of sight. You will probably forget all about it. 

2) Eat some. 

Remembering that some is better than none is helpful for some people. If you are the type of person that can take half the cookie from the break room and be done with it then go for it. If you go back for the other half 5 minutes later, then this strategy is NOT for you. 

3) Going over your macros by a little is very different then going over by a lot. 

It's important to remember that while hitting your macros consistently will get you where you want to be faster, going over a little sometimes isn't a major deal. It's also important to remember that eating 1 extra cookie is not the same as eating 6 extra cookies. 

Show yourself that one indulgence doesn't have to become a complete binge. Here we prove to ourselves that we do have self control and can be disciplined when it comes to our goals. 

4) Reach out for help. 

As a Be Well client, my clients know that I am always here to answer questions and give advice. If you are struggling or finding yourself giving in too often to poor nutritional decisions, then reach out to someone for help and gain some accountability, it goes a long way. 

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Live well, be well.