Understanding Yourself Through Food

“Your relationship with food—the thing that you are so desperate about, which causes you so much discomfort, that you want to change and fix right now—can lead you to the center of your very own life when you are curious about it. What you eat, when you eat, where you eat and how you feel when you eat are clues to guide you home to yourself.” —Geneen Roth

I absolutely love this quote and use this principle when I am working with my clients. Knowing the WHY behind your eating and nutrition habits is extremely important when creating a successful plan for someone or for yourself. 

Knowing your habits, triggers and relationship with food and your environment is absolutely connected to the feelings you have when you are eating, and often times what and how you are eating. 

Take some time today to reflect on your food feelings and triggers and see how you can make changes so that your approach fits your WHY.