What is it about Monday’s that make us dread getting up and getting moving? When you think about it, Mondays make up one-seventh of your life. Think about all that time and energy wasted hating Mondays? How can we welcome Mondays instead of dreading them? 


Here are four hypotheses as to why Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. 


1) Your sleep patterns tend to change on the weekend. For a lot of us our week goes from very structured to not structured at all. We don’t need to set an alarm to wake up and we tend to stay up later. The problem here is that when Monday rolls around our bodies are not used to answering to that alarm again. This may be a painful pill to swallow, but if you can keep your sleep routines the same, if not very similar on the weekends, then you wont feel as sluggish come Monday morning. 


2) You aren’t really happy at your job. Let’s face it, over 70% of Americans report that they are unhappy with their current job. When you think about this and relate it to Mondays, do you really hate that its Monday, or do you really hate your job? For many people there is a large emotional shift from the weekend into a Monday, or the start of a work week. What can you do to change your situation? How you can you make your job something that you look forward to doing rather than dreading? 


3) You feel unhealthy on Monday. A lot of people feel unhealthy and run down after the weekend rather than refreshed because we tend to eat poorly and drink more alcohol on the weekends. This combined with a change in sleep patterns results in us feeling bad about ourselves, thus correlating Monday with not feeling our best. 


4) You anticipate the weekend is going to be better than it is. Studies have shown that positive anticipation can bring as much or even more pleasure than an actual event. So many of us love Fridays for the fact that the weekend is here. We go through the weekend (which is amped up in our minds to be awesome) and realize that nothing great happened. You did some yard work, got some errands done, maybe saw some friends for a bit one night, but overall this event that you anticipated so much fell short in your mind, so when Monday rolls around you feel disappointed and unmotivated to kick off a new week. 


So…how can we reclaim Mondays as something we anticipate (in a positive way) and are actually excited about? Why not welcome every Monday with the same anticipation and excitement that most people reserve for Fridays? 


Here is my challenge to you…


  1. Create a weekend routine.  This doesn't need to be exactly the same as your work day routine, but set an alarm, get up and get moving, cook yourself a healthy breakfast and have a plan for the day. 
  2. Plan your meals and make healthy choices. By planning your meals and keeping your eating consistent on the weekend you will not see shifts in your weight and you will reach your goals faster. You could always plan to eat out or make a meal you normally wouldn’t, but be sure to plan these meals first then work around them. If you are eating out for dinner eat a healthy breakfast and low calorie lunch and get a workout in! Keep alcohol to a minimum.
  3. Plan something you can look forward to on Mondays. Rather than having Mondays just be about work, planning something that can help create some excitement for a Monday will be change your mindest. Think of things like Monday night football, joining a sports league, planning a girls/guys night every Monday, planning play dates every Monday with friends and their kids, do something good for yourself every Monday, etc. Once this becomes a mainstay on Mondays you will actually look forward to this rather than dread the day. 


Over the next 5 years you have 260 different Mondays to look forward to. Do something positive with these 260 days rather than waste time dreading them.


The way you see things is everything. Shifting your mind to Mondays being a fresh start, a way to get back into your routine or the first day of something great will help you start to look forward to Mondays, or at least welcome them rather then dread them. Give it a try!