This is YOUR Journey

As the holiday's approach we are naturally surrounded by more friends and family then other times of year. Some of these people may be people you haven't seen in a while. Perhaps you have changed your approach to nutrition or have lost some weight since you have last seen these people. Perhaps their lifestyle is drastically different from yours. Perhaps they have something to say about how you are now living yours. 

Gaining support from friends and family is always helpful when you are on a new journey yourself, but it's also important to remember that you are doing all of this for YOU, not for anyone else. It may be hard but trying to ignore comments from others is something you need to do to help stay on track, and who knows, if you continue to do what you know is right for you, you  may just inspire them to make the changes they should too. 

Try these if you find yourself in a tough spot with friends or family. 

1) Stick with your Plan. Don't be embarrassed to go into a gathering with a plan and sticking too it. Don't let others convince you an extra helping of this or extra piece of that is worth it. By showing them that sticking with your plan is easy for you and that you are not depriving yourself they will back start to back off. 

2) Ask for Support. People are going to say things. They are going to have opinions. If it bothers you that much, speak up! Ask for help and support from those people that are important to you. Saying something like "I am trying to make an important change in my life to improve my health. I know that you don't mean to, but your comments make it hard for me and I would appreciate you keep your opinions to yourself and support me."

3) Don't Come off as a "Know it All". Don't perpetuate an argument. Let others have their opinions and prove to them why this is so important to you. Don't talk down to them or come off as being better than them just because you said no to an extra cookie at dessert. Remember you were here once too and needed help to make the change you have. 

Remember this journey is all about YOU. It's something you need to do for yourself whether the people around you support it or not. Stick with it and prove to everyone that this is nothing something you are going to give up on. 

Live well, be well.