The Three Lens Approach

Whether you are working with a coach or creating nutrition and exercise plans for yourself, it is important to take the big picture into consideration and look at all of your goals through 3 different lenses.

Lens 1: The big picture lens

This can include:

  • Your allostatic load; (the "wear and tear" on your body" 
  • Your overall metabolic or environmental stressors;
  • the bulk of evidence for or against a given course of action; and/or
  • the complex interaction between various factors 

For this lens you must take into consideration ALL things happening in your life. What is your allostatic load? How much repeated "wear and tear" is happening to your body from repeated chronic stress? What are your metabolic and environmental stressors? WHY are you doing the things you are doing and how is it working for you? How do all of these things interact with each other? 

Lens 2: The detail lens

This includes your unique and specific needs, situation, skill level, genetic or physiological makeup, personality quirks, lifestyle, experiences, etc.

When creating goals and plans you must look at these things in order to have success. If you aren't taking into consideration things you already know and things you need to learn, how you react to specific things, your genetic make up, and your specific needs, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

Lens 3: Sex and gender lens

Whether you are male of female has a TON to do with how goals, nutrition and exercise should be approached. Different reactions to stress and hormone levels absolutely come into play. 

If you are working with a coach and they aren't taking these things into consideration they are doing you a disservice. If you are planning things for yourself and you aren't taking outside factors and genetic factors into play when programming nutrition or exercises for yourself, you should rethink your approach and make sure that you goals and strategies align with these things. 

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