The Powerful Mind

"Eliminate all things that do not help you EVOLVE."

The mind is a very powerful thing. It can help us grow and change, and it can hold us hostage. 

Your mind is powerful.


If you consistently visualize succeeding, surround yourself with images of success, and interpret all actions through a “success filter”, you will eventually succeed. Setbacks become “learning experiences” and “growth opportunities”. Failures become “life lessons”.

If you focus on being a problem-solver, and eliminating the things in your life that don't suit you, you will become someone who meets challenges with resilience and creativity, instead of allowing these challenges to paralyze you. 

Conversely, if you focus only on “failures” (whatever you imagine that to be), your body and behavior will respond. You’ll feel demoralized, stuck and hopeless. You’ll see everything (even achievements) through a “failure filter”.

You are in charge of your environment (mental, physical, emotional) — your thoughts and mental images. You’re in charge of the road you travel and how you get there. 

Today, ask yourself:

  • What thoughts and mental images am I having?
  • Do these help me? Or hinder me?
  • Are these thoughts and images of success and resilience? Or am I focused on thinking about failure and setbacks?
  • When I observe these thoughts or images, how does my body respond?
  • Are there specific things in my life that are causing me to react this way? If so, how can I make these changes?Understand that what you think, observe, and imagine becomes “true”.


You are in charge of your mental environment and the reality you create. Start today to eliminate all things, situations, and people that don't suit you. If they are hindering your progress they shouldn't be a part of your life. 

Live well, Be well.