The Power of Protein

Protein, or the muscle building macro, is an important part of any healthy diet. Protein plays extremely important roles in building lean muscle, maintaining healthy organs and keeping your hair, nails and skin healthy. 

Ideally, protein should be consumed at each meal and should come from as many whole food sources as possible. Some great sources of protein include meat, fish, beans and vegetables. Protein supplements, like a protein powder, can also be used to meet protein needs for the day, but should be used sparingly after eating real food. 

Some simple protein sources could include:

 -eggs    - fish   -lentils    - chicken     - turkey     - lean beef    - game meat

- shellfish    - dairy products     - protein powder    - beans

If you do not eat meat there are many vegetables that have protein in them, these include: 

- broccoli   - kale    -asparagus    - mushrooms    -brussel sprouts   - artichokes

- spinach   - corn   - tofu  -lentils    - vegetable based protein powder 

Being sure to eat enough protein is extremely important for overall health and body composition. Shoot for 10-30% of your daily intake coming from protein. Remember that too much protein is not necessarily a good thing either. If your body consumes too much protein it will turn it into sugar and ultimately fat!