Take a Technology Break

Does technology rule your life? I know for me so much of my work is done on a computer and on social media. I use it to keep my calendar, manage my to-do list, connect with friends and family and share pictures of my daughter. 

Of course, too much technology can be a bad thing and often times we need to disconnect. If you are like me and being away from your computer for long periods of time simply is not an option, you might want to consider adding in some "screen free" time so that you body can detox from all of the technology. 

If you are feeling a little out of whack with your technology use and you need to make a change consider these steps: 

1) Color / Draw 

I have been doing a lot of painting and other crafts with my daughter and find myself rather relaxed when I am helping her color or glue (unless the glitter is getting everywhere, haha). Grabbing a coloring book or a blank piece of paper and just doodling or coloring can really help restore some balance and take your mind off things for a bit. 

2) Read a book. 

Like an actual book, made of paper. Get comfy and cozy up with a great book to take your mind off things and help you relax. 

3) Find a fun recipe. 

Cooking can be cathartic for me. Find a recipe that looks delicious and that you are motivated to cook. Cook it a time where you have nothing else competing for your time. Include music, friends and a glass of wine and make a delicious meal. 

4) Take a hot bath / shower. 

If you can include this into your night time routine it will be very beneficial for you. Beyond literally and figuratively "washing off the day" spending some time in the hot shower or bath can help you relax, unwind, improve your sleep and allow you some time alone to reflect on the day and set an intention for the next. Once you get done with your shower or bath make it a rule that you cannot use technology for the rest of the night. 

5) Get Outside. 

Exposure to natural sunlight during the day will help you feel more alert and help you go to bed more easily at the end of the day. That vitamin D is great for your immune system and your mood and stress levels too! 

6) Get some "people time" in. 

Having some technology free conversation is so good for your soul. Be sure to reach out often to friends and family and schedule in some technology free dinners, game nights or coffee dates. 

For some of us taking a whole month, week or even day away from social media or email is impossible for our lifestyles and our jobs, but you can absolutely set times throughout the day to give yourself a break. Try these strategies to break away every once in a while! 

Live well, be well.