Stop Saying You Are Busy

The word "busy" has become somewhat of a  buzzword lately. So often when you ask someone how they are, or what they have been up to they respond with, "I've been so busy". 

I read something the other day that I felt was pretty compelling when it comes to this whole "being busy" thing. 

I was reading through Tim Ferris's book Tools of Titans and came across a piece by Derek Sivers. In this part of the book Sivers refers to being busy as being out of control. Here's what he said. 

"Every time people contact me they say, "Look, I know you must be incredibly busy...", and I always think, "No, I'm not." Because I'm in control of my time. I'm on top of it. 'BUSY', to me seems to imply 'out of control'. Like 'Oh my god, I'm so busy, I don't have time for this shit!'. To me that sounds like a person that has no control over his life."

Tim Ferris followed this up with: 

"Lack of time is lack of priorities. If I am "busy" it is because I've made choices that put me in that position, so I've forbidden myself to reply to 'How are you?' with "busy". I have no right to complain. Instead, if I'm too busy it's a cue to reexamine my systems and rules." 

I thought these two excerpts were pretty spot on and they hit home pretty hard for me. They had me thinking about how I feel about "being busy" and how I respond to questions like "How are you?". 

Take some time today and reflect on yourself and your life. Do you say you are busy? How do you feel about all of the things you have to do? What can you do to change your systems and rules to create a more in control way of doing all of the things that you have to do? 

Cool stuff. 

Live well, be well