Self Love

So much love is spread the month of February, whether you are in a relationship or you are single. The traditions that surround Valentine’s Day are rooted in showing love.

It is often easy to find ways to show love to your family or friends that are important to you, but do you show that same sense of love towards yourself? For our motivation Monday we are going to take some time exploring ways on how you can start showing more love to yourself. 


Having a busy life is no excuse. Creating time for YOU is often what helps keep you being your best self, but is the first thing that gets pushed to the side when our schedule gets full. Even if its only 10 minutes per day, taking time to create self-love routines that can be incorporated throughout your day is important. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Take 10 minutes and meditate. Sit silently and focus on what you are grateful for as well as what good you put into the world
  • Journal each morning and write down your intention for the day as well as some things that you are proud of and some things that you love about yourself 
  • Create a daily affirmation or mantra and repeat it often. Such as I am worthy of reaching my goals, I am a strong, wonderful mom, etc. 
  • Schedule a massage
  • Find new ways to appreciate your body, like taking a yoga class, or challenging it on a hike
  • Buy yourself a new outfit that makes you feel amazing
  • Take time daily to work on a skill that you love 

The ultimate goal here is to appreciate and celebrate yourself more often. It doesn’t matter how you choose to practice self love, just as long as you DO IT! 

Take some time to think about it now:

Write 3-4 ways you can incorporate more self-love practice into your daily life: 


Create a daily affirmation and write it here:


Remember, you matter. Start treating yourself accordingly. 

Live well, be well.