Practice What You Preach

Whether I want to be in a leadership / role model position or not, I am. I own a gym where people look to me for inspiration, knowledge and a good example of what we preach. Although some days this can be challenge, I appreciate the challenge and strive to live everyday as a good role model to whoever needs one. 
I am passionate about a lot of things when it comes to health and wellness, but food and proper nutrition is definitely high up on the list. I love helping people create nutrition goals and set a plan to help them reach them. 
One of the main habits that I try to instill in all of members and nutrition clients is to prepare food ahead of time so that it is ready to go when you need it. This week I am being sure to practice what I preach when it comes to prepping meals ahead of time. Here is what I did! 
I took a few links of Seven Bridges spicy Italian Sausage (I get most of my meat from Seven Bridges. You can find them at the Public Market.) and threw it in a pan with any vegetable I had on hand. Here we have spinach, sweet potatoes, onion, yellow bell pepper and portobello mushrooms. Get creative here, you can use any meat you like (or not) and any veggie combo you have on hand. Once the mixture is cooked I threw it into my egg bake. If you haven’t made an egg bake before you are missing out on how easy and delicious breakfast can be. This is 18 eggs cooked up with the veggies. I cooked this at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. Keep an eye on it, you will see that the egg is cooked through. Cut into individual portions and have breakfast ready all week. Reheat or eat cold, either way you can’t go wrong. 
Next I cleaned and portioned out some beautiful local berries. Having healthy snacks already portioned out makes life so much easier. There is no work needed and I have something fast and healthy ready whenever I need it. 
Now that it’s officially summer I use my grill and cook outside as much as possible. I used 2 lbs of lean ground sirloin (90/10) from Seven Bridges and made ready made patties for the week. These will be used as dinners as well as lunches on top of some salad greens. This concept could be used for any meat you would like to prepare (chicken breasts, turkey burgers, salmon). Cook a bunch ahead of time so its ready to go for the week.   
I also grilled up a ton of veggies to have on hand for meals throughout the week. These are good reheated or eaten cold or on top of salad greens. 
I threw some sweet potatoes in the microwave  (but could have also done these on the grill…next time!) to make complete meals that offered good protein, fat and carb ratios. 
I have all the meals pre-portioned out so that all I need to do is grab them for the week. This makes macro tracking super simple too!
All of this took me just over an hour from start to finish and now I have food ready for the week. If you aren’t dedicating a few hours a week to prepping your meals you are really missing out on how easy eating healthy can be. The last thing you want is to be hungry and not have anything ready. Set time in your schedule to plan meals, grocery shop and prep so that you don’t have to constantly think about what you are eating next. 
I hope that this helps you guys out a little and motivates you to prep some healthy meals of your own. 
Happy cooking friends!
Live well, Be well.