Mood vs. Body Fat

Did you know that your mood can greatly effect your overall bodyweight and body composition? Studies have shown that angry people had higher levels of body fat, and a harder time losing that body fat. (Which, naturally, made them even angrier.)

If you are consistently stressed-out and someone who focuses on “getting everything perfect” you will see a difficulty losing fat — even if you are doing everything “right”.

On the flip side, if you trust the process and loosen the expectation from being perfect to working hard everyday, you will see results faster. 

Now, there are a couple of explanations for this.

  • Better moods, healthier emotions, and better self-regulation usually means less emotional eating.
  • Letting go of irrelevant details in favor of consistency with the big picture means that a few key practices are done every day instead of “majoring in the minor” and missing or irregularly doing the crucial behaviors.
  • cortisol levels are lower so the body does not store unwanted fat 
  • circadian rhythms and sleep are usually more consistent 

So, understanding that mood and emotional state will absolutely be a key factor in your body composition and weight management journey is important. Try your best to pick small habits that will make a difference and do them consistently. Add more overtime so that you are successful and not overwhelmed. Allow yourself some flexibility and try not to get frustrated when you aren't "perfect". No one ever is.