Life's Hidden Lessons

Life’s Hidden Lessons 

Our lives are busy. Often times we schedule down to the minute. We plan and prepare as best as possible, then Life decides she has another plan. Traffic, a sick baby, having to stay late at work, relationship troubles or unexpectedly having to spend money you don’t necessarily have. Life likes to throw us little curve balls that can often times leave us feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to continue working towards our goals. 



Too often I hear my members or my nutrition clients talk about how “this was just a rough week” or “this month was so hectic” or “I just can’t seem to catch a break”. These are all negative ways of looking at things that are inevitably unavoidable. These little life challenges are always going to be there. There is always going to be traffic. Your relationships with the people in your life aren't always going to be easy or perfect. You are going to get sick, your kids are going to get sick. You are never going to have enough money. Thats life. 


If we can train our brains to shift our mindset when it comes to situations like these and look at these moments as life’s hidden lessons, rather than life just beating on us, you will find that by working through these moments and moving on from them, rather then dwelling in them, you will actually feel more motivated once you come out on the other side. 


Can you think of a time where a situation like this actually was for the better? That it happened for a reason? What if we recognized that obstacles are necessary to actually make us stronger? What if we used these moments to increase motivation rather than let them beat us down? 


I challenge you to really think about a situation or obstacle that presented itself that actually turned out to be a blessing. Something that in the moment you were so discouraged about, but after some time you realized that it happened for a reason, and for the good. I also challenge you to continue to reflect on these life situations. Rather then dwell in them and letting them take control over your emotions and totally ruining your routines, use them to make yourself strong, more resilient, and prove to yourself that you can push past them without eating unhealthy, missing the gym for days, or wallowing in self pity. 


Be sure to use things like positive self talk, meditation and a gratitude journal to help remind yourself of these moments and what you learned from them. View them as lessons in strength, patience and growth rather than life coming after you. 


Live Well, Be Well.