Let Go This New Year

Stress and worry will take over if you let it. Too many of us carry around a burden that often times we create ourselves. Becoming more mindful and happy starts with letting go of this unnecessary stress that we have created. 

Physical, spiritual and emotional health starts with letting go of anything in life that creates and perpetuates this stress. If you can truly let go of some of the things that are burdening you, you can make a huge difference in your happiness, health and stress levels. 

Here are some things to think about this new year. 

1) Let go of all thoughts that don't make you feel empowered and strong. 

2) Let go of feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and truly doing the things you want to do. 

3) Let go of the fear of the unknown. Set a goal and take one small step at a time towards achieving it. 

4) Let go of regrets. At one point in your life the thing you regret was exactly what you wanted in that moment. Learn from them and move on. 

5) Let go of worry, it gets you nowhere. 

6) Let go of blaming others for things not going how you think they should. If you don't like something, remember you have the power to either accept it or change it. 

7) Let go of thinking that you are damaged. We all have "baggage" and come with a lifetime full of experiences. These things make you who you are. 

8) Let go of thinking that the things you want aren't important anymore. 

9) Let go of being everything to everyone. Stop putting others first and neglecting yourself. 

10) Let go of thinking everyone is happier, more successful or better off than you. Most of the time the picture you see isn't the whole picture. Be grateful for where you are in your journey. 

11) Let go of thinking that there is a right and a wrong way to do things or to see the world. Embrace the diversity that life has to offer. 

12) Let go of focusing on the past. It already happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Focus on what you can change in the future and don't let the past define you. You can rewrite your story anytime. 

13) Let go of thinking you are not where you should be. You are right where you are meant to be based on the choices you have made and the work you have put in. Want something different? Make it happen with different choices. 

14) Let go of anger. You deserve to be happy. Don't let others take that away from you.

15) Let go of the need to constantly do more. Be content with a short to-do list and a simple life. 

16) Let go of thinking you can't make a change unless you know exactly how to do it. Often times just doing something will create the path for us. 

17) Let go of worrying about money. Focus on how abundant your life is. Think of all the things you have instead of all of the things you don't. Even the people who have money aren't worry free. 

18) Let go of trying to save or change people. Everyone has their own path, focus on yourself instead and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves they can. 

19) Let go of trying to get everyone to like you. Be proud of who you are. 

20) Let go of negative self-talk. You are not the shape of your body or the number on the scale. Who you are and how you treat people matters so much more. 

I hope these things can help you make some positive changes for 2018 and help you set some beautiful intentions for the New Year. 

Happy New Year. 

Live well, be well.