Everyday Can be Day 1

Everyday is Day 1 is not about starting again, it's simply about starting. No comparison to whatever happened before, only looking forward to what you can learn today. 

 Ditch the black or white mindset. There is always a middle ground. 

The reason getting back on the track is so darn difficult is because people unnecessarily assume that everything has to either be perfect or nothing at all.

In other words people think they either have to be 100% compliant or 0% compliant and they forget that actually 70% compliant is pretty good for most nutrition plans. 

Instead of all or nothing, trying thinkig, "always something." That means even if you're only ten percent compliant then be ten percent compliant! Because consistent at 10% will eventually become consistent at 20% and so on. 

Remember that today is a new beginning even if you don't think it is; a new opportunity to improve.

Don't be so hard on yourself and remember to see the good in what you are doing, not just the things you aren't doing well. 

Live well, be well.