Estimate for Success This Holiday Season

No one wants to sit at the holiday dinner table or at a family get together and have their phone out worrying about what they are entering into My Fitness Pal. That being said, some of us are concerned with what we are eating and how much, and the holidays should be no different. 

Learning to estimate portion sizes is a helpful tool when having your phone or food scale out is not appropriate or something you necessarily want to do. 

For optimal progress, especially throughout the holiday season, it is important to make conscious food decisions and at least try and estimate what you are eating. If you have been tracking consistently you understand what a full plate looks like for you, and you understand what kinds of foods completely throw your macro counts off. 

Using a guide like this one is helpful for these situations. Allow yourself some enjoyment this holiday season, but also understand that if you want to see continued progress you need to at least make conscious decisions that help you work towards your goals. 

Practice this concept this week that way you ready for Thanksgiving and moving into other holiday engagements! 

Happy Estimating friends! 

Live well, be well.