Establishing Your Nutrition Hierarchy Of Needs

When it comes to nutrition there is a lot to focus on, and often times people aren't sure where to start. Focusing on a solid foundation of skills before adding in more complex skills is always important. 

1) Step 1 - establish a solid foundation. Here you want to focus on healthy habits that will keep you on track long term. Here we want to work on creating a healthy environment for ourselves. We want to keep healthy choices on hand, create a routine where we limit eating out at restaurants and where we cook our own food and establish a support system that holds us accountable for our goals. 

2) Step 2 - Here we start to hone in on some more complex nutrition concepts like correct portion sizes, nutrient timing and a progressive exercise program. If we just right to this step without creating a healthy foundation of skills and routines we will likely become overwhelmed and fall off after not too long. 

3) Step 3 - Here we start to really focus on the necessary macronutrient amounts and calorie intake needed to maintain goals.

Creating these skills and remembering that we must establish a solid base of skills is important before adding in higher, more complex nutritional habits and strategies.