Crucial Conversations

Crucial conversations, those conversations where we get right to the point. We cut the crap and quit BSing about the weather, and get down to the serious business of connecting honestly with another person.

They’re often potentially difficult, emotional, awkward, or frustrating but sometimes they are necessary. 

Crucial conversations generally have three components:

  • The stakes are usually pretty high, this discussion will likely have some significant impact.
  • You don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with the other person. Opinions and perspectives differ.
  • The discussion could generate strong emotions. 

Most crucial conversations, to be honest, kinda suck when you’re right in the middle of them.

But if done well, crucial conversations usually yield insight. Awareness. Progress. Growth. Understanding.


You’ll see the results in more authentic relationships.

You’ll get what you truly need. You’ll be understood and heard.

You’ll be able to define your boundaries, values, and priorities clearly, in a way that is assertive and grown-up.

And the people in your life will understand what you expect from them.

Everyone wins.

Have a crucial conversation in mind?

First, start small, but definitely start. 

Be sure you don’t go looking for a pointless fight. Crucial conversations aren't just random confrontations.

A crucial conversation is one where you have some skin in the game. The outcome matters, somehow. 

A crucial conversations carries some weight. It means something.

A crucial conversation could be as simple as being respectfully honest when called upon to do so.


Take some time to really think about this one before you jump right in, especially if these types of things are difficult for you, but remember, you can are strong enough to have these conversations. 
Live well, be well.