Change the System, Not the Symptom

Change the System, not the symptom. This is a powerful statement. 

If you are struggling to change a habit, you can't expect the results you want by trying the same thing over and over, even if you are trying harder. Instead look at the system. How can you change the path to create true change? 

Here's an awesome example from Precision Nutrition:


"It's easy to hit the snooze button. We can't remedy that by convincing ourselves that tomorrow will be different. "Try harder next time" never works for long. 

Think of a drop of water. You want it to get from point A to point B. You're not going to expect the water to get there because thats whats good for it. You expect it to follow the path of gravity. If the environment were to change so would the path of the water. 

We are not that different from that drop of water. We have limited control over future actions. What we CAN do is shape our environment so that the path of least resistance is the one we want to take. 

Relocating the alarm clock is a way of doing this."

Truly think about this example. What things in your life can be changed by changing the way you approach them? Which goals are you struggling with? Are you trying the same things over and over with no success? Are you just telling yourself to "try harder"? Take a look at these things and see how you can adjust the system instead of the symptom.