Bulletproof Protein Chai

I absolutely love chai tea, and a chai latte from Starbucks is one of my favorite drinks, but with all that sugar, I just can't drink them as often as I would like. 

When I saw this Chai latte mushroom mix from Four Sigmatic I knew I needed to try it! 

This mix is chock full of mushroom goodness. The Turkey Tail is great for digestive health, while the Reishi is wonderfully calming. 

This drink is awesome just on its own, but I decided to kick it up a notch and make a Bulletproof Protein version. Here's what I used: 

4th and Heart Madagascar Vanilla Ghee, Stronger Faster Healthier Coconut Fuel Protein and the Four Sigmatic Chai Latte Mix


1 Packet of chai latte mix 

1 tsp ghee 

1 scoop protein 

8 ounces hot water 

Heat water in a tea pot until hot. Meanwhile add all other ingredients to a blender. Pour hot water on top. Blend until mixed and frothy. Enjoy!


* Some notes: 

If you do not want to purchase the chai latte mushroom mix you could steep a chai teabag in some water or milk instead. Once it is steeped blend with protein and ghee. You can use any protein you like here, but I recommend either a coconut based flavor like this one, or a vanilla flavor. If you do not want to use ghee you could use grass fed butter or coconut oil instead.