Athlete Nutrition

"You can't outwork a bad diet". Have you heard this quote before? For so many people, they think if they train hard then they don't have to worry about nutrition, while in fact the opposite is true. If you are an athlete (of any kind) nutrition should be a huge part of your "training". How can you expect your body to do the things you are asking it to if you don't fuel it properly. 

As an athlete your nutrition should:

  • Help you perform.
  • Help you recover.
  • Help you achieve and maintain the body composition/weight that’s best for your sport.
So many people think that training in the gym is it. If you aren't focusing on your nutrition you are really doing yourself a disservice. You should not think that you can "eat anything" just because you workout or train for your sport. 
If you can't recover from a training session, or whatever else life throws at you, 

how can you expect to get stronger, leaner, or fitter?

If you are an athlete take some time and really evaluate your nutrition. Are you doing everything you can to keep your body strong and healthy for your sport?