Are You Controlling Food or is it Controlling You?

For many people, their relationship with food can be a sordid one. While eating mindfully and being present is important, you should not be so rigid with your food that it is controlling your every thought and move. 

Here are some things to think about:

1) Do you spend a great deal of time thinking about food?

2) Do you weigh and calculate every bite of food?

3) Do you have memorized macros, calorie counts or points for lots of foods?

4) Do you spend hours creating plans for yourself so you can hit specific numbers?

5) Do you wake up every morning and worry about getting on the scale?

6) Do you take progress pictures and use them to pick your body apart?

7) Are the majority of your conversations with others about food, diets, or your body?

8) Do you have food fears?

9) Do you avoid social situations so you don't get bombarded with options and choices you need to make?

10) Do you restrict foods that you aren't allergic to or medically advised to avoid?

11) Do you set up "cheat days"?

12) Do you bring your own food to social events to save calories?

13) Do you feel superior with your food choices and look down on others choices?

14) Do you spend your free time trying to learn more about food, diets and exercise?

If you struggle with any of the things above you may want to rethink your behaviors, actions and thoughts surrounding food. WHY are you doing these things? What would happen if you didn't do them? 

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