Adirondack Smoke Meat Loaf

Our friends over at Tacticalories  know their shit and they struck gold when they made their Adirondack Smoke BBQ Blend. 

I put this stuff on/in everything. Its great on any kind of meat and adds an instant smokiness to whatever you put it on. 

As the chilly weather hits I always enjoy a good meatloaf. With the addition of the Adirondack Smoke blend, this is my best one yet. 

Here's the recipe. 

Adirondack Smoke Meatloaf 

2 lbs grass fed ground beef  (you could totally mix ground meat here, if you have some fresh venison USE IT!)

1 yellow onion (chopped)

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

3 slices of bacon (chopped) 

2 tbsp Tacticalories Adirondack Smoke seasoning 

1 cup breadcrumbs (I prefer Trader Joes brand)

1 egg


1/2 cup ketchup

1/2 tbsp adirondack smoke

1/2 tbsp brown sugar 

Cook bacon until golden brown. Add chopped onion and garlic in until cooked. Set aside and let cool. Mix ground beef, seasoning, breadcrumbs and egg. Add bacon, onion and garlic. Mix together. Form into a loaf and place in a glass baking dish. Mix topping together and rub on top. Cook at 350 degrees for 1 hour until loaf feels firm. Leave some extra topping and brush on a few times while cooking.