5 Ways to Get Back on Track after a Holiday Weekend

So yesterday was Memorial Day. For most people this weekend "kicks off" the summer season. You probably had at least 1 BBQ to attend this weekend. 

Unless you were super strict and really paid attention to your macros and calorie intake this weekend, you probably overate a little.

First things first, feeling guilty and angry at yourself for eating and drinking more than you normally do or food you don’t normally eat is not productive. There is nothing good that comes out of negative self talk and making yourself feel bad for enjoying food, life and family. Remember that a few days of being off track does not make or break your health and fitness, what you do most of the time does.

Now, that being said, it is really important to get right back on track after a day or two of overindulging. Here are some quick ways to do that:

  1. Drink lots of Water – be sure to re-hyrdrate today. Drink more water than you think you should to help flush out toxins and extra sodium you took in. Remember staying hydrated helps with appetite regulation, increased energy and weight management, so this is an easy way to jump back into your routine and help yourself feel better.

2) Start today off right with a healthy breakfast. – Starting today off with a high protein breakfast full of vegetables and whole foods will instantly set you up for success and tell your body that we are back on track.

3) Plan your meals for the day. Plan your meals ahead for today and get right back into a normal eating routine. Eat as you normally would and avoid extra sugar today.

4) Get a workout in. Getting back into your normal routine should include exercise, so be sure to get a workout in today and sweat off some of those extra treats.

5) Revisit your Why. Bringing your goals and your “why” back to the forefront of your mind is an important part of getting right back on track. Remind yourself why you are doing this and why you are on this journey in the first place.

Using these tips will help you get back on track after some holiday overindulging. Remember the happy moments from the weekend, but also remember what you want for yourself and get right back into it today!

Live well, be well.