5 tips to Stop Overeating

In our world today portion sizes have gotten out of control. We are eating way more food then we used to. Things that were once considered the large option are now the small and many people don't know how much they should be eating. Here are some tips and stratgies to help you understand proper portion sizes so you can practice portion control when it comes to your life. 

1) Learn to visualize what a proper portion should be. -  The info graph below help us use our hands to determine proper portion sizes for meat, vegetables, snacks, and added fat. Learning how to visualize these things will help keep you on track with you can't weigh or measure what you are eating. 

2) Use a smaller plate. - By eating off of a small plate you will trick your brain to think that you are eating more. A small plate full of food makes the brain think you are eating more then if you ate off of a larger plate, even if it has more food on it. 

3) Portion out snacks. - Never bring the whole bag of pretzels or pint of ice cream to the couch with you. Portion out what you should eat and don't go back for seconds. 

4) Avoid a "see-food" diet. - Keep tempting snacks and treats out of eyesight. Instead keep a bowl of fruit out on the counter or ready to eat veggies in the fridge for quick go-to snacks. 

5) Follow a macro tracking plan and prepare foods based off of your numbers for the day. - By doing this you will know exactly how many calories you should be eating along with number of grams of protein, carbs and fat you should be consuming per day. 

Unfortunately in this country we are bombarded with large food portions everywhere we go. We are taught over and over that we need to eat more, resulting in many people being overweight. Understanding how much food you should be eating per day is extremely important for your health and fitness. Use these tips to decrease your portion sizes and stay on track towards your goals! 

Live well, be well.