5 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Holiday Travel Season

The holidays are coming up and for most of us that means traveling. Here are 5 awesome tips to keep you healthy this holiday travel season!

1) Stay Hydrated. 

Drinking lots of water while traveling (on a plane or in a car) will not only help counteract the cramps, bloating and digestive issues many of us feel while traveling, but a hydrated immune system is a much more effective immune system. 

Bring a bottle of water with you and sip consistently throughout your travel. 

2) Keep Your hands clean. 

It's a dirty world out there. Washing your hands regularly will keep germs at bay. Don't have access to soap and water? Try a spray hand sanitizer (this is my favorite brand). 

3) Take your vitamins. 

Loading up on vitamin C and D preflight or pre-road trip will help kickstart your immune system and make you less susceptible for airborne illnesses. 

4) Take a probiotic. 

A happy gut is a healthy gut, and we all know that our immune system starts in our gut. Taking a probiotic before your travel can not only help keep digestive issues at bay, but will keep your immune system strong during travel. 

5) Stay healthy before you travel. 

Maintaining good health routines before travel is imperative for a strong body and immune system. Eating well, getting enough sleep and managing stress before travel will help your body fight off anything that comes your way on an airplane.