5 Reasons You Should Eat Dark Leafy Greens

We all know that vegetables are good for us and are something we should eat often. But dark leafy greens (think spinach, kale, swiss chard, collards) off some serious health benefits when added to your meal plan often. Here are 5 reasons you should start including dark leafy greens as often as possible. 

1) They Help you Maintain Your Weight, and even lose weight. Adding dark leafy greens, as well as other vegetables to your meals often is the perfect example of "more bang for your buck". Dark leafy greens are what we call volume foods. They keep you feeling fuller longer while only taking away a small amount of calories. The fiber and water content in the greens fill you up and help you manage hunger and overeating. 

2) They Reduce Your Risk for Obesity and Diabetes. Dark leafy greens are high in beta carotene and alpha carotene, two antioxidants directly related to a lower rate of obesity and ultimately a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes and other health related illnesses. 

3) They keep Your brain Young and functioning as it should. The Vitamin K in dark leafy greens plays a huge role in creating sphinolipids, special fats that are critical for brain function. 

4) They keep your Bones healthy. Dark leafy greens are a great source of calcium which is needed to build bones, keep teeth healthy and keep your nerves and muscles working optimally. 

5) The help fight off cancer. Dark leafy greens are full of carotenoids, a potent antioxidant in fending off many types of cancer. 

There are so many ways to add dark greens into your daily diet. Try kale or spinach in smoothies, sautéed greens as a side dish, eaten raw in salads or thrown into your scrambled eggs in the morning. 

Do your best to get dark leafy greens in daily to reap these health benefits!

Live Well, Be Well.