5 Pro Tips to Ensure You Hit Your Protein Goals

Of all of the macros, protein seems to be the most difficult one for people to hit consistently. Here are 5 of our favorite pro tips to help you hit those protein goals daily! 

1) Always have something in the house that is exclusively protein like egg whites, chicken breast, or tuna. 
2) Hit 1/3 of your daily intake at breakfast and start your day off right.
3) Divide your total grams of protein needed per day into how many meals/snacks you will be eating that day and break up as needed. By eating protein all day you will ensure that you hit your goals and that you stay fuller longer. 
4) Eggs (if you have enough fat) or egg whites can be added to almost anything for some added protein and fat. 
5) Use protein powders in shakes, oatmeal, coffee for some quick absorbing protein.