5 Key Reasons to Eat Real Food

Eat real food. I am sure you have heard people say this, but maybe you aren't sure what this means. 

Real food is whole food with single, or very few ingredients and is mostly unprocessed. 

Here are the top 5 reasons YOU should be eating REAL FOOD. 

1) Unprocessed, whole foods contain vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health and are great for heart health and reduction of disease.  

2) Real food is naturally low in sugar, high in fiber and high in good healthy fats. 

3) Real food is not only good for you, but also good for the environment, especially if you are supporting local farmers. 

4) Eating real food void of flavorings and preservatives will help diminish cravings and overeating, thus helping you manage your weight and body composition. 

5) Real food offers a large variety and is delicious! 

Next time you grocery shop, be sure to really look at the food you are buying. Are you eating things that come in boxes or packages that contain a lot of ingredients or are you eating real, whole food?