5 Habits of Successful People

We are a product of our habits. What we do every day defines us. What we prioritize, view as important and get done everyday makes us who we are. 


These habits can be positive things, like eating healthy, exercising regularly and enjoying time with friends. They can also be negative things like smoking, constantly stressing about things in life, and not taking care of ourselves. 


As we study the habits of successful people a few common traits seem to be present.


  1. Have an Abundance Mindset - an abundance mindset helps us to not be greedy or selfish. It results in the sharing of recognition, profits, and decision making. It helps us to remember that there is enough out there for everyone and that if we work together we can accomplish more. We can always learn from someone else’s experiences.
  2. Remember that Impact Matters - If you remember that the impact you have on someone’s life is always more important than the amount of money you make, then you will truly be successful. 
  3. Exhibit Self Control and Discipline - Setting boundaries for yourself and be disciplined in the actions you do everyday. This will help keep you consistent longer and more successful in the long run. 
  4. Value your relationships - Remember that in order to be fulfilled you need to help others first. Remember that by empowering others you are inherently empowering yourself. Value your relationships and remind the people in your life that they are important, often. 
  5. Create routines and follow them. By setting routines for yourself you are setting yourself up for success. Follow them everyday. 


Really reflect on these 5 traits. Do you exhibit these things? Where you can make positive changes in your life?