10 Ways to Measure Progress without Using the Scale

Have you been busting your ass at the gym and killing it in the kitchen, but are scared as hell to get on the scale? 

So often people use the number on the scale as the end all say all to determine if they are truly being successful towards reaching their weight loss and fitness goals, yet when that number doesn’t move as quickly as they would like we lose all motivation and completely derail. 

Knowing your weight and monitoring it is an important part of being healthy and taking control over your health, yet it is definitely not the only way to determine and keep track of your progress and success. 

Check out these 10 way’s to track success without ever stepping on the scale! 


  1. Did you move at least 30 minutes every day this week? This doesn't necessarily need to be intense exercise, but getting up and if possible getting outside at least 30 minutes everyday is a huge part of fitness and weight loss. Keeping track of this and being consistent with it will definitely help you reach those goals faster.
  2. Did you get outside and play this week? Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to a gym or taking a fitness class. It should also be fun and recreational. Things like hiking, skiing or playing with your kids is an essential part of the fitness process. Doing enjoyable, recreational movement activities will keep you coming back for more because you actually want to do them!
  3. Was your eating on track at least 90% of the time this week? How often did you go out to eat? Did you have food prepped and ready for your meals? Did you let treats sneak in too often this week?
  4. Did you drink at least 64 ounces of water each day? Water consumption is a huge part of weight loss and overall health and wellness. Be sure to drink lots of water everyday. 
  5. Did you take all of your vitamins and supplements this week? Are you consistently taking the supplements that will help you recover and stay healthy?
  6. Are your clothes looser this week? How are you feeling in your skin? Are you proud of how you look this week? Are you gaining more confidence?
  7. Did you sleep better this week? How were your sleep patterns? Were you able to fall asleep and stay there? Did you wake up with energy?
  8. Did you take time to work on yourself this week? Be sure that you are taking enough time for yourself so you can stay motivated to keep on track. 
  9. Did you overcome a challenge this week or resist a temptation you are proud of? 
  10. Did you have any “wow” moments this week that made you realize that this is becoming a lifestyle rather than something you need to constantly think about? 

If stepping on the scale is something that is scary to you, or something that hinders your progress towards your goals, try using these 10 benchmarks to assess your progress weekly. Doing this will help you stay consistent and will help you realize that there is more to health and fitness and reaching your goals then the number on the scale. 

Keep working hard my friends! Always remember, progress not perfection. Small gains are better than none at all! 

Live well, Be well.