10 Habits of Healthy People

Setting goals and creating habits around those goals is a key part of being successful and achieving things that you want to in life. When you look at the people in your life that are leading healthy, successful lives they probably have some key habits in common. 

I know that adding more to-do’s to your daily task list is the last thing you want to do, but creating habits are all about repetition and consistency, so add these things in often and they will become second nature. 

Want to be successful yourself? Try incorporating these 10 healthy habits. 


  1. Take Responsibility for your goals, your actions and for what you want out of life. When you stop distracting yourself with what belongs to other people, you can truly focus on what is most important to you. When you own where you are today, you are instantly empowered to create ways to move forward and to grow. If you spend your time worrying about other people instead of your own goals, you have given this power away. Don’t accept mediocrity and own up to your mistakes. 
  2. Be selfish and learn to say No. This doesn’t mean don’t ever do anything for someone else, but it does mean that you need to take care of yourself first. If you are truly taken care of then you have more to offer others around you. How can you expect to be successful if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself and nourish your goals and needs? Learning to say No to things that truly don’t fit in your life is an important thing. If you are constantly overextended you can’t possibly be who you need to be for yourself and your future. 
  3. Build a tribe. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people that are there to support your goals is so incredibly important. The relationships you have in this life need to be positive ones, ones that bring you joy, not ones that bring you stress and negativity. Create a tribe that makes you the best version of yourself. Someone that is always wanting to grow, learn and be better. 
  4. Be Present. Too often in life today we are stuck behind a computer or our phone and we are never truly present. Put these things down and take the time to actually take in what is happening around you. Talk to people, you never know who someone is, where they have been or what they have experienced and how they can help you.
  5. Move everyday. Healthy, successful people get up and get moving, every single day. Exercise is such an important part of the whole picture. It helps to relieve stress and keeps our bodies ready for anything. Use the positive benefits of exercise to help motivate you to work towards your goals everyday. 
  6. Be Actively Aware of your Food Choices. Healthy, successful people pay attention to their nutrition. They eat tons of fruits and vegetables, they limit their alcohol and the amount of times they eat out. They don’t deprive themselves, but they also cook most of their own food and understand that healthy food is needed fuel for a productive body and brain. 
  7. Pick your Battles and Get Over it. Being sure that you have pursued the right relationships and endeavors in life is a huge part of being physically and mentally healthy. If you are constantly picking unnecessary battles or holding grudges you are truly impacting your opportunity for meaningful self development. 
  8. Look on the Bright Side. It is proven that if have an optimistic view on life then you will inherently be more successful and productive. Instead of sitting and complaining if there is something in your life you are unhappy about, by thinking positively about it you are more likely to take action and make the necessary changes instead of staying stuck in a place you don't want to be. 
  9. Stay the Course, Even when It’s Difficult. Healthy successful people understand that the road to reaching a goal isn't always going to be easy, but if they stay consistent it will all be worth it in the end. 
  10. Never stop learning. Successful people are students for life. They want to know more, and inherently want to be more. They never accept something they aren’t happy with. Read books, go to seminars, continue to grow your arsenal of knowledge. 

Take some time to analyze your life. Are you reaching the goals you have set for yourself? Are you stuck in a place you don’t want to be? Are you the healthiest (both physically and mentally) version of yourself you can be? Look at your current habits. Admit what you are doing wrong, or what you could be doing better. Visualize yourself doing things differently, doing them better. Set a plan for yourself and actually do it, everyday, until it becomes second nature. Start out small and tell others what you are doing so they can help you stay accountable. 

Making changes is never easy, but I promise you, taking the time and putting in the effort to incorporate these habits into your life will only bring on positive changes. 

Here is to becoming a better version of ourselves and to a more successful future! 

Live Well, Be Well.