What's on my plate? -Not a quest bar!

I wanted to do a fun little comparison for today's "What's on my plate" post.  I've seen this comparison done before, but I thought it'd be worth posting about and revisiting the topic.  It's a nice little nutrition reminder and puts things into perspective!


This is a quest bar.  It weighs in at 60 grams, and the macronutrients for it are 190 calories, 8 fat, 21 carb, and 21 protein.  I see a lot of people use this as a meal replacement or if they are crunched for time on the road.  Not saying this is a bad thing!  I have definitely done this myself at times.  But, it isn't always the smartest choice if you are trying to focus on micronutrients and on keeping your belly full.

Today I was crunched for time and had a lot of errands to run.  Training took way longer than expected and I just wanted to eat something healthy that wouldn't require a lot of cooking.  I decided to chop up some cabbage, broccoli, shredded carrots, and celery and put some wegmans lemon garlic chicken on top.

This was my lunch.  It weighed in at a whopping 395 grams!!!  Soooo much volume guys.  It was super filling.  All I had to do was chop up the veggies, cut up the chicken (I grabbed the pre-made wegmans lemon garlic chicken from the food bar), and then added some dressing on top.  Cook time was about 5 minutes TOPS.  I also used Braggs Berry Apple Cider vinaigrette which is delicious by the way.

The total macros for this were 295 calories, 6 fat, 14 carbs, and 38 protein (this included the dressing which was 3 tablespoons.)

Moral of the story, yes the quest bar is convenient.  But I guarantee it will only keep you full for about an hour or two.  395 grams is a LOT of food for a 295 calorie meal.  The quest bar is only 100 calories less than this big salad.  Not to mention it'll never beat the health benefits of raw vegetables and whole foods.  Wouldn't you rather eat a bigger, more satisfying, and healthy meal?!  I know I would.

Next time you find yourself grabbing a quest bar off the shelf (or any meal replacement bar for that matter) think about if its really worth it...  Or if there are other options around you that are just as easy to make.  Your belly will thank you later.

Live well, be well.