Day 30 - Budget

“The goal isn’t more money, the goal is living life on your terms.” - Chris Brogan


Money troubles are a huge cause of stress in most people’s lives and too often we eliminate things that are good for us because we think we can’t afford them.


For today’s challenge we are going to sit down and really take a look at what you are spending your money on. Have you eliminated healthy habits that you thought you couldn’t afford but are spending hundreds of dollars a month buying coffee and going out to eat? Time to dig deep into those bank accounts.


Here are some strategies to better manage your money:


  1. Set goals - do you want to save a certain amount every month? do you have debt that needs to be paid off? would you like to make a big purchase (house, car, engagement ring, etc)
  2. Know exactly what you have to work with - take a look at your pay stub and get a starting point of what you are bringing in each month
  3. Know what you need to spend money on. Make a spreadsheet of everything that you need to pay for each month. Think bills, student loans, food, etc.
  4. Make a list of non-essential things you would like to spend your money on and divide up what is left after savings and essentials.
  5. Check in monthly to see how you are doing and what needs to be adjusted.


Sometimes you don’t realize how that $5.00 coffee or eating lunch out everyday is truly affecting your overall money situation. So often people say they can’t afford things yet they still drink, smoke, or eat out. Really look at your lifestyle and see where you could save money and eliminate waste from your budget.