Day 18 - Small Lifestyle Changes

“Your health does not get better by chance and quick fixes. It gets better by change and lifestyle choices.”


Today we are going to look at our lifestyles as a whole and identify areas that we could change that would benefit us and help us move towards becoming healthier. These don’t need to be drastic changes, there are plenty of simple changes you can make in your everyday lives that would help make you a healthier person.


Try these things out and see how you feel!

  • park farther away from the entrance of a store/work/etc,
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • pack a healthy lunch instead of going out to eat
  • drink tea instead of coffee or eliminate creamers and sugar in your coffee
  • when craving something sweet turn to fruit instead of candy
  • drink more water
  • find time to stretch and relax everyday
  • walk / ride your bike instead of driving
  • get outside often
  • play!

By incorporating some of these things into your daily routines they will start to become something you “just do” rather than something we need to consciously think about. Challenge yourself today and see where you can sneak in new habits to benefit your overall health. It will be worth it!