Day 11 - Take a different route

“Don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know how it may change your life.”


For day 11 of our challenge I want you to take a different route to/from work today. The change in routine can be more beneficial than you know.


It has been shown that by breaking the monotony of your routine every once in awhile, you can create new ways of thinking about life and receiving information that life throws at you. If you are psychologically flexible, like being alright with changing your route to work, than you are creating new opportunities for your brain to spot. If you never change things up, you may be reducing the number of surprises in your life that can spark inspiration.


This may seem inconsequential, but by changing up small things in life you may be surprised with what else this can become a catalyst for.


Give this a try today and see if you can be open to the new stimuli on your drive and see if this helps with problem solving, new idea creation and overall sense of mindfulness throughout the day. Have fun with this, you never know where it might lead!