Day 8 - Email

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time”. - John C. Maxwell


Today we are going to take some time to organize our email inbox. We will be filing/saving those emails that need to be saved and will be erasing those that are just taking up space and cluttering up our email.


The first thing I want you to do is look at the emails in your inbox. Are many of them newsletters from companies? If so, go through these and decide which ones you actually read and which ones you don’t. Whichever ones you decide you don’t read regularly or don’t find valuable hit the unsubscribe link.


Next, I want you to go through your inbox and delete emails that you no longer need that are just taking up space. After you do this, set up folders or move emails that you would like to save to already established folders so they aren’t sitting in your inbox.


Now that your inbox is clean, try to keep it that way! Make it a habit to delete or unsubscribe to those emails that you don’t need or find valuable. Move other emails to folders to keep them organized but still available.