Day 3 - Journaling

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior”. - Christina Baldwin


For our day 3 challenge we will be trying our hand in journaling. There are countless benefits to journaling everyday. It can help things like stress reduction, increase in focus, strengthening of your sense of self and enhanced self expression. It can also help to create a louder inner voice and help you to practice gratitude all while stimulating personal growth.


Where do I get started?

You can approach this challenge a few different ways. First off, decide if you would like to journal in the morning, evening or both. You really only need a few minutes for this to be effective.


Once you have decided when you are going to journal, you can simply get a notebook or journal and start writing, or you can find a journal with some pre-written prompts already in it.


I like the Five Minute Journal. The nicest thing about this journal is that it has prompts for morning and evening journaling and is perfect for those individuals that find journaling intimidating or aren’t really sure what to write.


You can find more information about the Five Minute Journal and order one at


You can also find lots of other journaling prompts at


Try your best to include journaling into everyday (maybe even your morning routine?). Take this few minutes everyday to organize your thoughts, practice gratitude and set the stage for a positive, productive day.